When in doubt, keep striving. You’ll find your dreams are looking for you.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have already seen this news, but just in case, I found out over the weekend that a short story I submitted is getting published!

I’m over the moon excited because I had sort of assumed that I hadn’t been accepted because I hadn’t heard anything for a long time.

The story is something that I’ve worked on intermittently for over a year. I’d submitted it elsewhere, but it had never been accepted. I looked it over before sending it to this publisher, Z Publications, and I decided to change the ending before sending it off, and I’m really happy that I did. I’m not sure if the ending was what causing it to be rejected before, but I’m much happier with it as a whole now.

It’s had me thinking that past couple of days about striving towards something. Sometimes we’re so focused on our work that we don’t realize how far we’ve come. Somehow in the time after graduating I’ve almost completed a second full-length novel, and I got something accepted.

I like to think I’m pretty realistic, but this acceptance makes me think that I’m closer to my dream than I would have thought even two weeks ago.

Sure, I was feeling great about finishing up the first draft of my novel, but I was still discouraged because I always felt like it wasn’t enough.

Maybe you can remember back to when you first started writing and people always asked: “well, where can I read your stuff”?

I always cringe at that question because I always felt like a fraud saying that I didn’t have anything out yet. Not really. For some reason, I didn’t feel legitimate as a writer if I didn’t have anywhere to direct potential readers.

I’m hoping that I can take this new feeling of being legitimate and use that confidence to push the rest of my work forward.

I’ve recently met a new friend in Boise, and we were talking yesterday about dreams. We both have always kind of known what we wanted for our careers, but it’s a special kind of wonderful to see it actually evolving and coming to fruition.

I’m not usually this sappy, but I’m content to ride this high for as long as I can. It just feels that this whole time I’ve been striving towards this dream, and maybe now it’s starting to reach out to meet me.

**If you’re interested in reading my short story the pre-order should be up today. You can find more details if you hop on over to my “purchase” tab, or if you click here. Either way, you’ll be supporting me because I do get to make a commission off the purchase price of the book. The title is “Colorado’s Emerging Writers: Fiction”. Let me know if you have any issues, and I can try and figure out a solution!

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