Find something that makes you want to get out of bed every day.

I wake up every morning wanting to write. It sometimes still amazes me that my job is also something I love doing. I’ve done jobs that I enjoyed but didn’t want to make a career of, jobs that I considered making a career of, and jobs that were a chore to go to day in and day out.

I also tend to get into ruts, so I knew that if I let myself get complacent about a job I’d find myself simply staying at a job I hated because the pay was decent and I was making a living.

It terrified me to quit that job, and I’m still shocked that I handed in that two weeks notice.

I am not a courageous person, and that took about all my courage at the time.

For me, my job and my hobby are things that take a lot of time. A single book could be years in the making, and being an aquarist (fish keeping) (nerdy, I know) is pretty much my second job.

Both make me want to get out of bed, and both are probably topics that my husband has heard so much about he could probably educate you on both.

My hobby and career are time-consuming, and I love them for it. They are something that I can share with my husband, and he knows that he can share his career and hobbies with me just as easily.

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  1. i really enjoy reading your work Sara! Jim Sr, “Guy”, would’ve loved it too. Journalism was his passion in life. 😃 Keep up the good work! Trish Brown

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