Why fighting with your writing means you might be at a threshold to something greater.

I haven’t enjoyed my writing in weeks. I’m not ashamed of saying this, I simply see it more as a fact of where my writing is right now.

I posted some time ago that I thought I was coming close to finishing this draft of my novel, but it turned out to be I had simply reached a point where the novel was evolving. The ending I had initially planned out was simply a watershed in the work, and I was really motivated to keep going after I realized that I still had a lot more work ahead of me.

I’ve found myself in a similar place now. Similar in that I feel the same uncertainty moving forward, but I know what’s going to happen next. I have a plan for the next big moment in the novel, but I’m having trouble getting there.

I’m in the transition phase between one big moment and the next and I’m bored with it. Granted, this transition phase probably won’t stay in the final product, but I need to write it. Think of it as me checking I have my seatbelt on before pulling out of the drive. What I’ve written before needs to be solid before moving forward for this next stage to work.

It’s these checks that I’m finding immensely annoying. I simply want to skip to the next part of the work. The part that excites me, but I know that I have to take it one step at a time. That’s simply how I work. I find that if I bounce around in a story I tend to create plot holes that I would have otherwise caught by simply following a linear pattern.

Have I thought about the next part extensively and edited it in my head already? Sure, and it shouldn’t take very long to write it out when I finally get to that point.

I really love writing, but sometimes I don’t like it, and sometimes I don’t like the work that I have to do to make sure the end product is something I’m proud of. I think everyone has moments like that regardless of their career path, but damn, I’m avoiding work like the plague because I really, really don’t want to work on this transition piece.

The hubby and I are also heading back to CO for a very special graduation this weekend, and my concentration is way out the window whenever I think about heading home.

Since we’ll be gone, I won’t be posting next week simply because I know that any post I do put up will be half-hearted at best. I’d like to put all my attention in celebrating this time in my family’s life and not have to worry about putting out a less than meaningful post.

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