First Draft is complete!!! I beat my own deadline!!!

Wow. I finished this morning around 11. I’ve been alternating between dancing with the dog and sitting down in a state of mental exhaustion. I wasn’t actually sure I’d get it done, but it is done and I’m not completely mad at it either.

It feels a little bit like the ending of Ann Petry’s The Street. If you haven’t read it, it’s wonderful and I highly suggest anyone check it out.

Omg, I’m done with it. I simultaneously am sad that the draft is done….No, that’s a lie. I hate the first draft. I am SO happy it’s done.

I’m not planning on touching it for at least a month before I start editing it. I need to forget what happens. I need to be able to come at it with fresh eyes when I do start editing it.

Ugh. So happy the first draft is done. I’m typing this and making tons of errors because I’m so jittery!

I wish this post was longer, but I’m done with sitting in front of the computer for the day! It’s so nice outside, so I’m off the take the pup for a walk.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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