I am a published author!!! The book is out!!!

For those following my blog, you might remember that I was accepted for publication several months ago…


I’m happy to announce that the book is finally available to purchase! Or you can click this link: http://bit.ly/2GwaX9R


Buying the book from my website means I get a commission from the sale, so if you’re thinking of reading my work please purchase it through me 🙂

If you’re wondering what the short story is about…

Always having lived in a small town, Sasha is drawn in by Paul who recently came into town to help his mother move. Desperate to have the romance she never had as a teen, Sasha seeks Paul out. Only there is something dangerous about their relationship. Something that might push one of them over the edge.


I’m really excited about this, and it would mean the world if you would check out the publisher’s site!

See you on Friday!

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