Posting dates & blog updates

I need your opinion. I’ve been struggling with making content each week that I feel truly revolves around writing, and I was wondering what people would think if I dialed the blog posts to once every other week.

I also want to put the majority of my energy into the revision of my manuscript, and I feel like I only throw something up every week simply because that is my schedule. Not because I have something important to say at the time.

I’d rather post less frequently right now and have each post be interesting to read instead of what it feels like right now. That is simply my impression.

Leave a comment below on how you feel, or if you have a topic you’d like me to post on. I’ll try to take different opinions into consideration.

Also, I’m reading Shadow Child by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto (who was one of my fabulous teachers during my MFA), and the book is simply astounding. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants something well written, who loves history and demands multi-dimensional characters.

If you read it, I’d love to hear your opinion on it!!!

3 thoughts on “Posting dates & blog updates

  1. It’s funny, I’ve been finding it difficult lately to come up with a weekly post, so I’m with you. Also, what you’re working on should come first. Quite happy with what you suggest, quality counts and that is hard to keep coming up with! And I’m fine with non-writing related focus…variety is the spice of life. Will take a look at the book you’re recommending!

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