I have never felt this good about my book.

Since I last posted I’ve been working my tush off. I’m averaging about 3,000 words a day, and it all feels like decent work. There are some spots that I’ll need to go back at look at, but overall it feels great.

It feels like a solid book, and that feeling is intoxicating as it gets closer to the end of this draft. This won’t be the final draft, but it will be one of my last.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have the usual responsibilities later in the day, but the freedom of being able to work late into the night is such a gift. Even if I reach my goal word count I can always go back and edit or add more as I want.

I will say that I can tend to go a bit overboard. When I was in middle school and just writing for fun I would often wake up with my notebook in my bed. I find that is happening more and more while I work on this draft.


I have had to change my ending, which I knew would happen, but I have found that marking out the plot points beforehand has helped in writing the end.

I was working on a plot point yesterday that I had plotted out, and as I was finishing up the scene I thought, “hmm, well that’s how I get to the end.”

If this seems weird, I hardly ever do an outline for my books because I tend to let them lead me to wherever they want to go, but I may start doing more serious outlines as the book becomes more concrete. It has helped with the stress of trying to remember what I needed to work on next.

It wasn’t anything monumental in terms of how the ending changed, but it simply solidified the setting for where my main character ends up. That said, with the ending secure the book feels more and more solid. I’m not going to print this copy just yet, but when I do I know I’ll be holding the complete story in my hands. I can’t wait.

The one shocker that I faced this week is pricing when it comes to getting my manuscript ready for editing. I was thinking about having an editor look through it, but when I looked at the average cost of an editor I realized that it wasn’t at all feasible. It was around $8,000 for an 80,000-word manuscript. Now, if I had the money I’d 100% do something like that, but I’m hella broke, so now I just need to find some people that I trust to be my test readers.

Only after I get their feedback will I start looking for an agent. That process is further off than I had initially thought, but I’d rather not rush the editing. If I get rejected because the book has flaws I’ll have no one to blame but myself.

For now, I’m still super motivated, and I’m hoping to carry this momentum through to the end of the book.

Have any of you ever solicited for an agent? Share your experience/tips below!

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  1. I tried to get an agent, but after giving myself a time limit, I decided to self publish. I didn’t want to pay for proof-reading or editing, so did these tasks myself, though I had to go back in and change some grammar and spellings which I had missed. Nothing major, but it had to be right! I would do it this way again for sure. The best of luck with yours!

    1. That’s great to hear! I should be done with this draft this week. I’m planning on going through it with a fine tooth comb after. Any advice is helpful!

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