My final(ish) draft should be done this week!

First off, sorry this is a lot later than normal. I got to work late today, and this got pushed further down the list of things to do.

But, I do have a reason for it: my (ideally) final draft should be done this week!

I’m so excited, and it’s been a rush trying to get it done. I’d realized while doing some research on publishing stats that it wasn’t long enough, so I’ve had to add a ton of content beyond what I initially had. I was worried for a time that I wouldn’t have enough ideas to make it to the suggested word count, but I’m pleased to say that my characters gave me some really good material to work with.

I use Scrivener to write, which I love, but I plan on putting it through a more thorough grammar/spelling/content check before I start sending it out to first readers.

That said, I’m not too nervous about sending it out. Yes, I know they’ll find things I missed, and I’ll no doubt have plot holes and details to tweak, but overall I feel like it’s in a really good place.

My next step will be trying to find a good list of questions to give my first readers when I send them the draft. I’ve found a couple different lists, but I find they are not completely comprehensive. I might just combine the lists I’ve found into one master list.

I’ve only gone a little crazy getting this far. My sleep schedule is ruined, and I should really take a vow to not eat popcorn for every meal.

Does it feel like the house is in a particularly profound state of dusty disarray? A little, but the animals are happy and healthy, so I’ll take it as a win overall. And let’s be honest, my house is only ever clean for a few hours before and after people come over.

So, I will take my accomplishment, push through to the end, and probably take a long deserved rest next week!


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