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I am an aspiring author who began the journey of learning to write many years ago as a child. I wanted to know if the old lamp on my parents’ living room table had a story. Turns out it did, and that simple question started me down the path of learning how to be a writer.


A Little More About Sara

I have always been an avid reader. I would get in trouble for reading books instead of doing my chores or my homework. I managed to make it through high school without too many pitfalls, but I found that I didn’t like learning about subjects that didn’t have a story to them.

I discovered creative writing classes in college, and those were some of the best classes because I had a drive to do well. I was deeply passionate about the work, and I soon started forgoing my other course work simply to allow myself more time to write (I spy a trend in my education mishaps).

I didn’t jump into a graduate degree right away because I wanted to earn some money and make sure that I wanted to dedicate even more time to school. I discovered that people could actually get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and that was the degree that I knew was for me.

I graduated from Goddard College a little over a year ago, and I am still trying to assimilate everything that I learned there into my working knowledge of writing.

I am working on my second book, my first being my thesis, and I hope to see it published in the near future.


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