New Draft Short Story: Bunny

Hi everyone,
This is a piece that I wrote a while back after I saw an article concerning the release of women prisoners who had not served all of their jail time due to budget cuts.
I gave the piece a different perspective because I thought the audience might be able to relate to a character who was experiencing this change. That, and I don’t know much about the inside of a prison.
I’d love some feedback as to whether I should continue this idea, and ways I might make it more developed. As I said, this is simply a prologue, but if there is interest in the story I would love to continue it if people are invested.
Happy reading!

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Ghost Eyes


Here is my second story: Ghost Eyes!

Click here to get the full text, and as usual, comments are greatly appreciated!

I also realized a small teaser might be beneficial: Mina is a young girl who is dealing with the ramifications of a dark time in her childhood. Her mother’s depression, and the arrival of a strange child, have the potential to change her views on just what death means.

New Short Story: Red Baron


Here is my first completed work for the site. I would love to hear your comments!

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Summary: The ghosts of WWII haunt a man who has seemingly lost everything. Comfortable in his solidarity, he resists the friendship that is a constant presence. It is a story of loss, missed opportunities, and redemption.