The time I got a concussion

I can’t even say it was because I did something as daring as night skiing. We didn’t end up going. Instead we ended up spending yesterday afternoon in the medical clinic. I am really embarrassed to even say how I managed to concuss myself, but what the heck. I hit my head on the sharp edge of my dryer door. I was looking for a sweater to wear skiing and I leaned over and whacked my head.
If that’s what happens when I’m at home I can’t imagine the trouble I would have gotten into on those bunny hills.
But other than groggy I am no worse for wear. Just embarrassed I lost an impromptu scuffle with my dryer.
I’m supposed to be avoiding mental stimulation for at least the next four to let my brain heal. I might die of boredom. I probably should not be writing this at the moment because looking at the screen is tiring, but I obviously live an adventurous life. Next time that dryer better watch out.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a great day, dear readers. Have a pleasant evening.


I thought this Snoopy picture was needed. If things are going wrong it’s better to laugh at them instead of cry at them. In most situations. Let’s not get carried away.

Have a good day everyone.



I thought this was great because it very accurately describes the state of my bookshelves.

I encourage everyone to pack their shelves full of books, pick your favorite, and take some time to read on this lovely afternoon!

Happy Reading.

Saturday Six Word Challenge!

I’m in Seattle today! Looking for a new apartment, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’ll be my first, and I intend to make it home for the next year and a half!

Anyhow: I love the sound of rain!

Have a great day, everyone!